There is more than one translation office in Saudi Arabia, due to the importance that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia attaches to the translation profession, but finding an accredited translation office in Saudi Arabia is not an easy task. Especially with the large number of translation offices available, good and professional ones are few, as well as translation offices that are accredited by official bodies and foreign embassies and consulates. Therefore, in this article, Al-Alsun Office for Translation Services lists for you, step by step, how to choose an accredited translation office in Saudi Arabia?

Certified translation office

Translation is of great importance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Al-Alsun Office for Certified Translation Services is an accredited translation office in Riyadh . It is also a translation office with many years of experience with its branches in Egypt, Dubai and the Gulf countries.

As for the importance of choosing an accredited translation office in Saudi Arabia, it is for the following reasons;

1. Religious Tourism: Saudi Arabia is characterized by what is known as religious tourism from different nationalities of the world. It increases during the Hajj season, the month of Ramadan, and special religious occasions. Which increases the role of the availability of translation of all kinds, Whether simultaneous translation, certified translation, or economic and financial translation, among others.

2. Communication: Language is the method of communication between peoples. If the translation profession is not available with great professionalism in a country that witnesses a diversity of nationalities, how do you communicate with them? Therefore, translation helps effective and correct communication, and the foreigner feels comfortable and easy to communicate with all the places and services around him.

3. Getting to know the different cultures of peoples: Which facilitates the transfer of information, news, economic, financial and scientific development.

4. The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques International Award for Translation is evidence of the importance of the translation profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Rather, it is encouraged to engage in it within the Saudization of the professions of secretaries, translation, stock keepers and data entry.

If you want to choose an accredited translation office in Saudi Arabia without being subjected to fraud or material exploitation and the loss of documents or their poor translation that causes many problems later, Here are several points to consider in order to evaluate the quality of translation in the translation office of your choice.

  • Coherence and consistency in meaning One of the most important skills of good translation is to obtain a coherent and coherent text with an integrated meaning.
  • Comprehensiveness and impartiality One of the most important skills of good translation is to include translating the entire document without omitting or omitting any of its parts.
  • Match translation style: This means that the text is translated exactly as the original, In a more precise sense, it must be transmitted in the same formulation in terms of the seriousness or formality of the other language into which it is translated.
  • Trusted sources: The presence of reliable sources for translation increases the quality of texts and the professionalism of the translation office as well.
  • The quality of the text, its consistency, and its absence from spelling, grammatical, and linguistic errors, just as it is when it comes to writing in Arabic

How do you choose an accredited translation office in Saudi Arabia?

Identify the important and basic specifications that must be available in accredited translation offices, Helping you in the search for the best accredited translation office in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Alsun Certified Translation Services is one of the best and oldest accredited translation offices in Riyadh, for the following advantages;

  1. Accreditation certificate: Of course, when we choose an accredited translation library, the first thing we look for is the accreditation certificate documented and sealed by the concerned and official authorities in the country, in order to ensure the quality and experience of this office before going to it with our official papers and documents.
  2. Experience of the office and translators: A good certified translation office has a trained and professional team of translators with expertise in various fields of translation. For example, you find that the legal translator has a specialized background in law and the medical translator as well.
  3. Multiple branches: The diversity and multiplicity of locations of the branches of the accredited translation office is one of the most important features of translation companies. Because it guarantees you easy access, completion, and proximity to the various official bodies that require certified translation papers.
  4. Linguistic expertise and multilingual translation: The accredited translation office must have experience and proficiency in the various required translation languages and types of translations such as (document translation, medical translation, legal translation, scientific and technical translation, subtitles and movies, and others).
  5. Accuracy and professionalism: Accuracy, speed and flexibility in dealing with customers to meet all their requests with the best service and in the fastest time.
  6. Quality assurance: The translated text or material to be translated is presented to the quality control department before it is approved and presented to the client. To ensure avoiding mistakes or wasting time and building mutual trust between clients and the accredited translation office, A good translation is a professional translation. Which provides you with the best image of your documents that matches the original in terms of terminology and content without changing the meaning or objective, As a result of errors related to culture or language.
  7. Suitable prices: Providing competitive prices is an advantage that cannot be overlooked for the completion of the documents required to be translated by expert translators with high accuracy and skill. Believing in the importance of the translated material to the client and the trust that clients place in the office.
  8. easy communication: Easy and fast communication means not only the availability of the office in a vital place, but also the speed of communication around the clock. You can always communicate with the translators team to make comments, request services, or inquire about what you want, and the response will be done directly with flexibility and professionalism.

Finally, if you want to get nominations for accredited translation offices in Saudi Arabia, they mean good translation standards, have extensive experience in the field of translation, and a team of experienced and competent translators. Do not hesitate to contact us.