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Written Translation

Alsun, an accredited translation office south of Riyadh, provides high-quality translation services for more than 15 years. Alsun’s name has shined as a translation services company serving many clients, not only within the Kingdom, but through all its offices in the Middle East. It provides certified translation before many authorities, including embassies, courts, chambers of commerce and others.

Alsun was established as an accredited translation office North of Riyadh to provide all translation services of high quality, with the aim of breaking the language barrier between nations and peoples of different cultures and building bridges of communication, which contributes to the dissemination of scientific knowledge, the prosperity of the economy and benefiting from various experiences in various fields.

East Riyadh Translation Office

Alsun provides all written translation services for the public and private sectors and individuals inside and outside the Kingdom. These services include but are not limited to, legal translation, medical translation, financial translation, literary translation, and other services. Our office is committed to high quality and high accuracy due to our selection of the best-qualified translators. Alsun, one of the accredited translation offices in Riyadh, includes translators specialized in many fields for more than 50 languages. Our translators have the language expertise you need and we are proud to provide 100% human translation using the latest advanced software in the fastest time with the highest accuracy. Our translators provide accurate translation services while adhering to project delivery dates to meet client expectations.

written translation
written translation

Certified Translation Office North of Riyadh

From the moment Alsun office was established, an accredited translation office north of Riyadh, we have been keen to provide all translation services in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030. Our written translation services include:

Alsun, a certified translation office North of Riyadh, has established its role as the most important provider of legal translation services. It provides its services to many clients in the legal field. Professionalism, affordable prices, accuracy, and high quality characterize our office. The legal translation team includes a group of professional translators and reviewers who have a long experience in the legal field. Our services include the translation of the following legal documents:

Legal Translation Services

Alsun is an accredited translation office North of Riyadh and recognized by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce. Contact us now for more details about legal translation services.

Medical translation services

Medical documents need accurate translation. Therefore, Alsun, an accredited translation office South of Riyadh, is keen to assign the translation of these files to translators with medical qualifications to ensure the utmost quality. We also are  keen to keep these documents confidential due to their importance and sensitivity. We provide written translation services for the following medical documents:

  • Patients medical reports
  • Research and clinical trials
  • Radiology Reports
  • Analyzes
  • Medical research and so on.

We use the latest technology to translate medical documents to ensure consistency of text and correct use of terminology. Do not hesitate and contact us for our services.

Website translation services

Translating your business website is your way to the global markets, and this is exactly what we are good at in Alsun. Alsun, a certified translation office South of Riyadh, helps you reach global markets by translating your website and all advertising and marketing materials into your target languages. Our translators work to deliver your message to to your potential clients by translating content in a professional way attracting clients, considering social and cultural aspects.

written translation riyadh
written translation riyadh

Literary Translation Services

Accredited literary translation promotes cultural dialogue between nations and requires creativity of a special kind. Literary translation is far from literal translation. The Alsun East Riyadh Translation Office in is honored to provide literary translation services in our desire to enrich minds, understand other cultures, and transfer knowledge and human sciences. We provide written translation services for the following:

  • books
  • Articles
  • plays
  • Poetry
  • Various literary texts and others

Alsun translators are characterized by providing exceptional literary translation that preserves the style and message of the text and provides a translation that suits the target audience.

Technical translation services

Technical translation considers a major challenge as it requires extensive knowledge, great experience and familiarity with terminology. At Alsun, we are keen to provide high-quality, professional technical translation services through a team of qualified translators. Our services include, but not limited to the translation of the following:

  • Engineering Research
  • Operating Manuals
  • Patents
  • Programs and others.

We provide certified technical translation services at competitive prices with adhering to deadlines.

financial translation

Financial translation is the translation of financial content and everything related to commercial transactions of individuals, companies and banks. Financial translation requires accuracy and skill. Alsun office is one of the most important accredited translation offices East of Riyadh providing financial translation services. We have a team of specialized financial translators with skills and experience in this type of translation.

Alsun provides the following financial translation services:

  • Translation of financial statements
  • Translation of bank statements
  • Translation of prospectus
  • Translation of Shareholder Reports
  • Translation of balance sheet
  • Translation of income statements and more.

The services of Alsun East Riyadh translation office also include providing professional and high-quality translations in the following fields:

  • Military translation
  • Oil and gas translation
  • Translation of scientific theses and research
  • Subtitling movies
  • General translation

All services of Alsun, an accredited translation office South of Riyadh, are in conformity with the ISO 17100 quality management standard, which means that we provide certified written translation services with the best quality, and this is reflected in the adherence of our existing customers to us as well as the increasing network of our clients day by day. If you want to be one of Alsun’s customers, contact us now and get a free quotation.

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