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Certified Translation Office in Jeddah

مكتب ترجمة معتمد فى جدة
مكتب ترجمة معتمد فى جدة

Recently, Alsun Arabia established its office in Jeddah in view of the developments in many fields like tourism, entertainment, and investment in the city, which make it the destination of many tourists and foreign and Arab companies and investments. Here comes the role of Alsun Arabia as a certified translation office in Jeddah: to fulfill the Saudi people’s requirements and build a bridge to facilitate communication between different languages and cultures. 

We, as a certified translation office in Jeddah, serve individuals and companies that need certified translation for official and legal documents to be used in official procedures of embassies and governmental institutions by elite linguists and translators inside and outside the KSA. We care about providing excellent service to our clients, so the translations are done by the most professional and competent translators. 

Additionally, we insist on being the top certified translation office in Jeddah that provides high competence, integrity, and reasonable prices, seeking the full satisfaction of all clients. 

Why Choose Alsun Arabia Translation Services?

Quality Assurance

Alsun Arabia commits to the highest standards of quality that are required by the translation industry. The translation process consists of three phases: primary translation, reviewing, and proofreading, to ensure that the certified translation is error-free and fulfills our clients’ requirements.

Professional Translators

Our team is our secret to success in the translation industry, so we strive to choose our translators according to highly linguistic, professional, and cultural standards to provide high-quality and quick translation services in Jeddah that satisfy our clients.

Quick Turnaround

Thanks to our team of translators and proofreaders in our offices, we are ready to translate any number of documents with a quick turnaround. Our translators are available all the time to translate any document and review it as much as they can. 

مكتب ترجمة معتمد فى جدة

Alsun Arabia provides the best certified translation services for all sectors and industries

Technical Translation

Do you search for the best certified translation offices in Jeddah that specialise in technical fields? Choose Alsun Arabia for its professional team of specialised translators in technical translation. They are able to translate all technical documents after they deeply understand all difficult technical terminology and find the proper equivalent for all new terms. 

Medical Translation

The presence of a certified translation office specialising in medical documents helps all medical institutions provide the needed care for all patients, despite their languages. In Alsun Arabia, you can find the best medical translators whose ultimate goal is serving the medical field, working on its development, and flourishing in the KSA. 

Legal Translation

Relying on a certified translation office in Jeddah facilitates all the legal procedures in which individuals and institutions need a translation of many legal documents. When you look for a certified translation you can trust for its accuracy in translating complicated legal documents, you find Alsun Arabia has extensive experience handling all legal documents. 

Financial translation

Recently, the Saudi economy developed and went towards new fields that attract foreign investments. So, to handle foreign financial transactions, you have to deal with a certified translation office in Jeddah. At Alsun, we ensure the accuracy of financial transactions. We aim to be an essential part of facilitating financial transactions, either with banks or other financial institutions. 

Alsun Arabia Team in Figures


years of experience







مكتب ترجمة معتمد فى جدة

When you look for translation services, you always look for the best ones. You look for extensive experience, high quality, credibility, reasonable prices, and excellent customer service. You need an accurate and certified translation that represents you in official and foreign institutions. Don’t look any more; Alsun Arabia Translation Services in Jeddah offers all of these and more.

مكتب ترجمة معتمد فى جدة
Birth Certificates
We provide birth certificate translations into more than 75 languages such as French, German, Spanish.
Death Certificates
We provide high-quality certified death certificate translations to be used in official procedures.
Academic Documents
We translate all academic certificates, graduation certificates, academic transcripts, and more.
Marriage Certificates
We translate all marriage certificates, whether they are issued inside the KSA or abroad.
Divorce Certificates
Alsun Arabia offers certified divorce certificates in many different languages, such as English, French,
Judicial Decisions
We translate judicial decisions into accurate translations considering conveying the original text into the target language.
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