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Translation Office in Riyadh

Certified Translation Services of High Quality, Quick Turnaround and Reliability Thanks to our Competent and Experienced Team of Translators in the Translation Market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Alsun Arabia Translation Services

With more than ten years of experience in the world of translation, Al-Alsun Office in Riyadh provides the most distinguished translation services in the Kingdom after it has proven its competence in various places of the Arab world through six branches that provide exceptional services. As we are committed to meeting all quality standards and providing our customers with professionally translated texts accredited by all entities and embassies inside and outside the Kingdom through an experienced team equipped with professional and scientific expertise that enables it to handle the most complex disciplines. As well as we are fully concerned to fulfill the comfort and satisfaction of our customers and meet all their needs at any time.

Certified Translation

Alsun Arabia Translation Services is one of the expert certified translation offices in Riyadh that provides translation services certified by the government and agencies for all official documents in all languages.

Religious Translation

In this type of translation, our translators focus on the beauty of the linguistic style and the accuracy of expressions, meanings, and effects to present the accurate meaning and achieve the intended goal

Legal Translation

We provide legal translation in Riyadh for all documents, such as contracts, judgments and case documents by a legal translator who is fully familiar with all judicial laws.

Simultaneous Interpretation

If you need an interpreter in Riyadh for a simple meeting with your partner or an international conference, Alsun ArabiaTranslation Services is your best way

Desktop Publishing

The client’s demand to design websites has grown in light of the spread of audio-visual media and its importance in reaching clients and achieving goals.


Most of our clients come to us to review specific texts, such as books and scientific theses by a proofreader in Riyadh to reach the best level of eloquence.

Alsun Team in Numbers

Our translators are well prepared to provide our clients with professional content that adheres to the common terms, expressions, and styles in their respective disciplines as their strategic partners.






Projects Managers


Translation Projects

We effortlessly translate essential family documents, guaranteeing precise and accurate information for your immigration, travel, and residency requirements and making your journey smoother and more efficient.

ATS is the best choice for quick and accurate birth certificate translation. Our team of expert linguists pays close attention to every detail, ensuring all the information is conveyed correctly.

Choose ATS for precision and peace of mind while driving in foreign lands. Our skilled translators ensure your license-related documents are accurate and legally acceptable.

Make your residency process easier with ATS’s certified Iqama translation service. Our team promises accurate translations, helping you talk to officials easily and follow the rules.

Certified translation office in Riyadh

Alsun Arabia Translation Services was established in Riyadh to provide certified translation services to the public and private sectors, as well as individuals according to the highest standards of quality, reliability, and confidentiality through adopting our comprehensive quality system. Alsun Arabia Translation Services started its journey in 2010 by opening its offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo, in addition to its office in Riyadh in order to achieve its vision that aims to promote certified translation services and to keep pace with the latest global developments in the translation industry with the assistance of a group of translators as well as language and translation experts who have a long history in the certified translation market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular, and the Middle East in general. If you are looking for a certified translation office in Riyadh, Alsun is your first choice to get a certified translation service that combines the accuracy of meaning, competitive price, and fast delivery.

Our translation process


Upon receiving any documents for translation, our translators team studies that documents and then provides the client with a free quotation and delivery date that suits the client’s requirements. Once the client agrees, he receives a non-disclosure agreement signed and stamped by the stamp of an accredited translation office in Riyadh.

Project Analysis

A project manager is appointed to conduct a detailed analysis of the translation project and assign it to the best certified translator in Riyadh who is specialized in the project field. A glossary of all terms mentioned in the project and a style guide shall be prepared, considering the client’s notes and requirements

Initial Translation

The specialized translator starts translating the project based on the glossary and the guide. Moreover, a group of translators whose mother tongue is the target language may join the translator in translating the project. The project manager shall be responsible for coordinating between them throughout the translation period to reach the best possible level of quality.

Final delivery

After undergoing all translation stages through an accredited translation office in Riyadh, the file is ready for final delivery on time and according to the requirements of the client who chose Alsun as one of the best translation offices in Riyadh

Quality Assurance

We send the translation to the client to express any comments on the final translation. If there are any comments, such comments will be sent to the quality assurance team for full implementation, then the formatting stage begins to present a translated text in the same format and design as the original file

Review and Proofreading

After the translation is done, the review phase begins with assigning the project to a reviewer and proofreader having a wide experience in proofreading similar projects in the same domain and aware of all tricks thereof to provide a text free of any error or weakness and meets the client’s needs.

What are your payment methods?

We accept all methods of payment, including bank or online transfer via PayPal, or payment via credit or debit card or cash payment in our office.

I have a highly urgent file and need translation as quickly as possible; do you can complete the translation in time?

Our translators will provide you with very fast translation thanks to their experience and good management of certified translation projects in Riyadh. Accordingly, we can deliver a file of 4 pages within one hour and 30 pages within 24 hours.

Is Alsun Arabia Translation Services a certified and sworn office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia؟

We provide certified and sworn translations for all documents and instruments. All documents translated by us are recognized by the governmental authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since our office is certified and registered at the Saudi Chamber of Commerce.

Would I verify the quality of the accredited translator before the translation?

We highly appreciate our clients’ care for quality; hence, we offer a free sample of the translation project of no more than 200 words upon the client’s request to ensure that certified translation in Riyadh meets the requirements of quality and accuracy.

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