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Simultaneous translation

The best Simultaneous Interpretation Offices in Riyadh

We provide the best-specialized interpretation services in line with the needs and requirements of each client. ATS Simultaneous Interpretation Services Office in Riyadh has a professional team of certified interpreters who provide interpreter services in over 50 language pairs. Our team of simultaneous interpreters enjoy all the skills needed to provide an accurate and high-quality interpretation service. In ATS, one of the best interpretation offices in Riyadh, we are keen on selecting an interpreter suitable for each project in accordance with the project’s requirements.

Simultaneous Interpretation Types

There are various fields of interpretation, including:

1. Simultaneous Interpretation:

It is the interpretation provided by the interpreter from one language to another at the same time, i.e., the interpretation that the translator renders, for example, from English into Arabic at the same moment when a person is speaking to another one or to a group of people. Simultaneous interpretation requires speed, proficiency in the source and original languages, presence of mind, and experience. This type of interpretation is suitable for various conferences and events.

2. Whispering Interpretation:

It is the interpretation where the interpreter renders interpretation by whispering to the recipient at the same time, and this type of interpretation is always used in the parties or private meetings and does not require conventional interpretation equipment. Interpretation may be transformed into a consecutive interpretation if the recipient desires so. 

Consecutive Interpretation:

In the consecutive interpretation, the interpreter writes down the dialogue and then interprets and renders it to the present person or group of persons. Consecutive interpretation is easier than whispering interpretation and simultaneous interpretation because it gives the interpreter time to formulate the interpretation. Consecutive interpretation requires outstanding language skills. This type of language is suitable for business meetings and legal counseling sessions.

Simultaneous translation
Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Interpretation services require special devices and fittings depending on the type of event and a number of participants, and such devices and fittings include:

  • Wired devices: wired microphone systems equipped with listening channels to deliver the interpreter services to recipients and these systems are provided to the recipients.
  • Wireless devices: Wireless systems are characterized by their use in relatively small events and by being cost-effective. These systems include wireless transceivers and headphones, and they are characterized by ease of movement and are suitable for visits or lectures. There are wireless systems operate by infrared and radio frequency.
  • Booths: The equipment used in interpretation, in any event, includes interpretation booths, and these booths include many options such as soundproof booths, booths that can accommodate several interpreters, equipped with the necessary audio-visual equipment, and small booths installed an interpretation table. The said booth must be in conformity with the relevant ISO quality standards.
  • Other equipment: It includes the interpreter’s keyboard, mixers, loudspeakers, recording devices, platforms, and displays.

ATS provides interpreter services in Riyadh through a qualified and experienced team of interpreters and by using the latest and best interpretation equipment.

ATS provides the equipment necessary for interpretation services depending on the event, the number of attendees and the venue where the event is held

Events that require interpreter services in Riyadh:

Why do you choose ATS for simultaneous interpretation services?

Experience and professionalism: ATS provides multilingual interpretation services with the highest possible quality and accuracy as ATS has experience of more than a decade of in providing interpretation and legal translation services. We are success partners for many establishments in the government and private sectors and many individuals. Contact us now if you are looking for a professional interpreter. 

Simultaneous translation riyadhriyadh
Simultaneous translation Riyadh

Certified interpretation team: ATS interpretation services team has a group of interpreters who hold certified certificates in the field of interpretation in several languages, which ensures providing a high-quality interpretation service. We choose the best depending on several criteria to ensure the translation services’ accuracy. Our translators have a wide experience in many areas of interpretation, such as simultaneous political interpretation, simultaneous legal interpretation, medical simultaneous interpretation, and other fields. 

The latest technology: ATS provides the best wired and wireless devices and the latest technologies and equipment, such as headphones, microphones, booths, and other devices that support interpretation services. Our team includes highly skilled technicians that provide the necessary technical support services.

Contact us to know more about interpretation services. Just determine the event, the number of attendees, and the place holding this event, and we will handle this matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

I look for an Arabic-English interpreter in Riyadh, do you provide interpretation service?

Yes, ATS has a group of interpreters specialized in providing interpretation services in any activities, field, and several languages. You can contact us around the clock.

How to book an appointment for interpretation?

Contact us via phone, e-mail or WhatsApp, attend to us and specify the event, the number of attendees and the place where this event will be held, and we will advise you of all the details.

Do you provide translation services?

Yes, ATS provides interpretation and certified translation services in many fields, such as legal, medical, and technical. Contact us to know more details.

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