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Medical Translation Company in Riyadh

Medical translation services in Riyadh

If you wish to translate a medical report or any other medical document, ATS ( Medical Translation Company in Riyadh) provides professional translation services for all medical documents. Medical translation is a specialized field that has documents with scientific content that requires professional translators to be fully familiar with the specialized medical terminology. So, we are keen on appointing translators with medical qualifications to ensure the accuracy and quality of the translation rendered to our clients. The list of our clients includes doctors, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and others.

Types of medical translation in Riyadh

Medical Reports Translation

ATS provides accurate translation for all medical reports from and into several languages. Our team of translators ensures that your documents conform to international medical translation standards, and we ensure 100% accurate translation. ATS is certified by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce, ensuring the quality of all translated documents.

medical translation
medical translation

Medical Pamphlet Translation

Patients need to translate the medical pamphlets and all information related to the medications prescribed to them. ATS provides reliable medical translation services for all medical papers and documents, including the translation of medicines, indications for use, side effects, doses and medication schedules with complete accuracy to ensure the health and comfort of our clients.

Medical Analysis Translation

The Medical Analysis Translation requires full familiarity with the medical terminology. So, we are keen on appointing translators specialized in the medical field to ensure the translation of analyses with high quality, in the required time and at the best prices.

Radiology Reports Translation

 ATS’s team of translators provides accurate and error-free professional translation for radiology and other medical reports. The team of language reviewers makes sure that the translation is free of any ambiguities or words that may cause misunderstanding in the translated text for the sake of our clients. We realize well that medical translation has no room for error, given its health consequences.

ATS’s Project Managers always assign your medical papers and documents to specialized medical translators that have a wide experience in this field, full knowledge of the medical terminology and appropriate writing and drafting skills in the target language.

Stages of the process of certified medical report translation

  1. The client communicates with ATS via e-mail or phone.
  2. The client sends the file to be translated, stating the target language and other requirements.
  3. The project manager evaluates the documents or files to be translated in terms of language pair, quantity and duration of translation.
  4. The project manager sends the fees for translation and delivery date to the client and waits for the client’s reply.
  5. When the client agrees to the submitted quotation, the project manager assigns the file to a specialized medical translator.
  6. After translating the relevant file, it is assigned to a linguistic reviewer to ensure accuracy, quality and absence of errors.
  7. Once the reviewer completes his mission, we send the file to the client to review it before printing
  8. The file is affixed by a certified translation stamp and sent to the client or received from ATS Office
medical translation riyadh
medical translation riyadh

Types of medical documents

  • medical pamphlet
  • medical reports
  •  medical researches
  • Radiology Reports
  • Analysis reports
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Medical references
  • medical journals
  • medical records
  • Medical insurance documents
  • medical experiments
  • Instructions for use
  • Clinical protocols
  • patient information
  • pharmacological studies
  • Clinical trials
  • Autopsy reports
  • Clinical study agreements and contracts

Why Choose ATS?

Medical translation is one of the specialized areas that does not tolerate any error. Inaccurate medical translation, especially in the medical reports, drug pamphlets, or analysis reports, results in serious damage and consequences. Therefore, you should choose ATS ( medical translation company in Riyadh) due to its experience and is known for its quality and accuracy. ATS complies with the international standards of medical translation to ensure accuracy.

Experience and Quality: ATS has experience of more than 15 years in the field of translation and has branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Cairo. ATS complies with international standards – to ensure the accuracy of the translation.

Professional translators: ATS’s translators are adequately efficient and comply with the international standards of medical translation. ATS’s team of translators can translate medical content accurately due to their familiarity with the medical terminology. They are distinguished by the ability to formulate the translation correctly and clearly without ambiguity or errors.

Accreditation and use of technology: Alsun Translation Services Company is a translation office accredited by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce. We have clients from major pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and hospitals. Alsun uses the latest translation technology that saves time and effort and ensures the highest quality, such as Trados software and others, according to the needs of each project.

Punctuality: ATS is keen on meeting the set delivery dates as a sign of appreciation for the value of time while adhering to accuracy. Depending on the file size and language pair, you can receive your file on the same day. We provide certified medical translation services at the best prices with adherence to delivery dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the certified translation of medical report?

The rate per paper in the field of medical translation range from 40 to 70 Riyals, depending on the language pair. We always strive to provide our clients the best services at the lowest prices.

What are the available languages?

ATS provides medical translation services into and from English, Arabic, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Hindi and other languages.

How to communicate with ATS Medical Translation Office in Riyadh?

You can communicate with ATS via e-mail or phone 24/7 or by visiting the office during our official working hours.

How to make sure that the medical translation is correct?

ATS ensures translation quality and accuracy. Our team of medical translation has experience in the field of medical translation and can write and formulate correctly. In addition, the translation process stages ensure rendering a high-quality and error-free translation.

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