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About us

Alsun Arabia Translation Service is an international translation company that provides translation and localization services to local and international companies to help them to spread and communicate with their clients all over the world through our network of branches in Dubai, Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, et. We realize the power and importance of communication; as people like to communicate with others to show their culture and knowledge and offer their services, products and solutions to others.

We handle our missions by the help of a team composed of more than 300 professional translators and linguists in different specialties, each of them is fully familiar with the terms and styles used in his specialization, as well as its entire secrets. We serve many sectors such as the legal, medical, financial, technical, industrial, marketing, engineering sectors and others.

Since our optimum objective is to meet the requirements of our customers and get them satisfied, we focus on four points:

  • A helpful management team available around the clock that ensures your satisfaction with the service all the time.
  • A multicultural and multidisciplinary team of translators able to deliver the quality our clients expect through our Quality Assurance Plan.
  • The speedy completion of urgent tasks through a smooth translation process that ensures completing your task faster than any other translation company.
  • Affordability of prices compared to market prices, while ensuring that our quality standards are not breached.

Our vision

Is to be pioneers in the field of translation in the Middle East and to make ATS’s name associated with quality, excellence and professionalism in translation industry by means of the ongoing development of our cadres and keeping pace with the latest developments and technologies in translation industry.

Our Values

  • Quality
  • Confidentiality
  • Commitment
  • Customer Satisfaction

Our mission

  • Help companies and persons to effectively communicate with each other through professional translation services tailored to meet their requirements and needs exceeding their expectations in terms of quality, speed, and reliability.
  • Overcome the language barriers encountered by individuals, companies and peoples.
  • Assume societal responsibility for the spread of culture and the development of society and enhancing its values.
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