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Saudi Driving License Translation

The Driving Licence is a personalized document that proves the capability of a particular person to drive a specific type of vehicle. It’s mainly issued in the legislated country for driving this vehicle, that’s why we blog to you for Saudi driving license translation: Importance & Explanation and how it could be needed when driving in another country.

As it is important to ensure that this process is done following the right and appropriate procedures for a safe drive. 

Saudi driving license translation: Importance & Explanation 

Specifically in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saudi driving license translation is one of the most important documents that require certified legal translation. Although certified translation services in Saudi Arabia are offered by agencies, it’s necessary to choose an efficient legal translator that can save a lot of effort and time.

Types of driving documents and licenses

According to the Riyadh Traffic Department in the Ministry of Interior (MOI), there are approximately 10 different kinds of driving licenses in Saudi Arabia. Each has specific requirements, procedures for issuing, and required driving documents. These types include:

  • Private driving license.
  • Public driving license.
  • Heavy Vehicle (for Saudis, and Non-Saudis)
  • Motorcycle driving license.
  • Diplomatic license.
  • Foreign license replacement.
  • Lost driving license replacement.
  • Renew Motorcycle driving license.
  • Renew Private license.
  • Renew Public driving license.

As the necessary driving documents for these types majorly consists of specific requirements such as:

  • Completing the specified form accordingly.
  • Providing four photos with a size of (4X6) cm.
  • Providing an identification letter from an official authority for Saudis.
  • Provide an identification letter from the specified sponsor for Non-Saudis.
  • Paying the required fees for the specific driving license.
  • Writing down the occupation (if necessary).

Hence, it’s always a necessity to get a Saudi driving license translation whenever it’s needed. Specific situations only that require the legal translation of a driving license.

Why you Should ask aslun arabia Translation Office services?

Choosing Aslun arabia Translation Office in Riyadh offers several compelling reasons for your translation needs:

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  3. Competent and Experienced Translators: Our team consists of competent and experienced translators who possess a wide range of expertise in various fields. This enables us to provide certified translations across diverse industries with high proficiency.
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  5. Diverse Services: We offer certified translation services in various domains, including legal, medical, technical, business, and more. Whether you require translations for official documents or technical reports, we can efficiently cater to your needs.
  6. Competitive Pricing: Al-Alsun Translation Office provides its services at competitive and reasonable prices. We ensure that our pricing is fair, offering value-added services that exceed your expectations.

By choosing Al-Alsun Arabia Translation Office, you are opting for a professional team that consistently strives to ensure your satisfaction and efficiently meet your translation requirements with reliability and competence.

When does a Saudi driving license translation is needed?

It happens with foreigners who intend to visit or live in Saudi Arabia, for the sake of facilitating legal affairs, it is essential to have a Saudi driving license translation. Sometimes it happens with outsider Saudi citizens who want to spend time outside the kingdom whether for personal, professional, or tourism purposes.

In these cases only, a Saudi driving license translation is needed whether inside or outside the kingdom. Driving license translation might vary depending on the type of the driving license issued and the language translated to. That’s why it’s a legal translation that needs to be certified before being issued to governing authorities.

Required procedures for obtaining a Saudi driving license translation.

In case of foreign citizens who want to translate their issued driving license in their own country to a Saudi Arabian license, this process typically involves specific steps mentioned as follows:

  • Obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the legal translation agent in Saudi Arabia to start the process of Saudi driving license translation.
  • Obtaining a translation of foreign driving license to have an authorized driving license in Saudi Arabia.
  • Providing a medical checkup from a Saudi Arabian hospital to be approved by traffic authorities.
  • Filling out an application for confirming the issued Saudi Arabia driving license translation.
  • Paying the required fees.

As the specific requirements mentioned could vary depending on the policies of the traffic authorities. For this reason, it’s recommended to collaborate with a legally certified translator from the relevant authorities for easing the process of Saudi driving license translation.

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Saudi driving license translation: Importance & Explanation 

What are the qualities needed for a Saudi driving license translation?

There are some qualities that’s needed for choosing the appropriate agency to work with for Saudi driving license translation. These qualities include:

  • Having extensive experience in translating certified legal documents such as birth certificates and driving licenses.
  • Wide experience of translations in hundreds of languages.
  • Providing high-quality translations to be delivered in a rational time.
  • Offering affordable prices.

When searching for certified translation services in Saudi Arabia, it’s significantly important to get all these qualities in case of translating any legal documents. 


The right way of issuing a Saudi driving license translation!

Briefly, translating legal documents that should be used for governmental and non-governmental entities need a specified legal agency that offers certified translation services in Saudi Arabia. These offerings can shortcut the vast number of procedures that should be taken to issue a new driving license in Saudi Arabia.

Heading to an experienced legal translations agency can be the right option for a Saudi driving license translation.

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Is there a Saudi driving license internationally?

Not exactly, but SATA Club located in Saudi Arabia permits driving cars in Saudi Arabia and internationally too.

What are the foreign countries' driving licenses that are approved by the traffic police of Saudi Arabia?

These countries are: United States of America, European Union countries, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, with some Gulf countries. 

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