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Sign Language Translation | Alsun Translation

Sign language translation plays a crucial role in facilitating effective communication for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Alsun Translation Services understands the significance of accurate and reliable sign language interpreters and is committed to delivering exceptional quality in their services. Through a combination of skilled sign language interpreters and the use of advanced technology, ATS ensures that clients receive precise and culturally appropriate sign language translation.

Sign Language Translation | Alsun Translation

Keep Your Content Inclusive With Sign Language Translation

For your content to engage people from different walks of life, it’s essential to make it accessible to them without any difficulties, which is something ATS helps you achieve with sign language translation.

Sign language translation is the use of signs and gestures to interpret auditory information in a manner that is visible to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. 

The sign language interpreter uses these signs and gestures to keep audiences in the loop with whatever is happening around them, helping your business achieve an inclusive atmosphere.

ATS provides the Saudi deaf and hard-of-hearing community with the services of professional Arabic sign language translators to help them communicate their opinions and inputs in a comfortable setting, ensuring their disability is not a barrier to clear communication.

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Occasions When You Might Need Sign Language Translation

The reason why sign language translation is not something you can simply choose to go without is that there are vital settings in which a sign language interpreter’s expertise is invaluable. Here are some of the occasions ATS’s Arabic sign language translators covered over time:

  1. Hospitals

The golden rule in any medical professional’s mind is that communication is key. Sign language translation between physicians and their patients is crucial for maximum efficiency, which is why ATS’s Arabic sign language translators are available to be the extra bridge needed to ensure deaf or hard-of-hearing patients are keeping up with their doctors.

  1. Legal Proceedings

It is required by law for any deaf individual undergoing trial or going through any legal proceeding to be provided their language sign translator and that’s how ATS’s sign language translation is essential for legal proceedings.

  1. Interviews

Job interviews can only be successful if communication faces no issues. Alsun Translation Services gives interviewees a golden chance to do well at their job interview with accurate sign language translation that shows their skills to their interviewers.

  1. TV Segments

Watching television is an effortless endeavor for some but for the hard-of-hearing community, one element is always missing. ATS provides the services of Arabic sign language translators to help the deaf community by interpreting what is being said on TV word-for-word, be it news or entertainment.

  1. Education

Classrooms are hotspots of learning and it’s vital for schools and universities to provide an equal learning chance for all students, including students with disabilities. This is why ATS supports educational institutions with sign language translation services on the spot to ensure all students learn without obstruction.

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  1. Government

The presence of Arabic sign language translators in government offices and institutions is needed to ensure citizens with hearing disabilities are granted their full rights and able to understand their full responsibilities.

Looking For Sign Language Translation? Choose ATS!

Alsun Translation Services has been in the translation business for years, providing clients in Saudi Arabia with premium linguistic solutions of the highest quality. One of the areas we excel in is sign language translation, with a team of trained Arabic sign language translators covering different events in various domains and industries. If you are looking for seasoned sign language interpreters in Saudi Arabic, ATS is your best bet, and here’s why:

  • Experience

One of the reasons ATS is the number one choice for sign language translation is that our Arabic sign language translators are heavily trained in sign language, some of them are hard of hearing and deaf themselves, which puts them in the shoes of some of our clients.

  • Quality

With experience comes consistent and high-quality services. ATS’s sign language translation is guaranteed to be accurate and precise, taking your communication to new heights of success.

  • Privacy & Confidentiality

ATS’s team of Arabic sign language translators is held to the highest standards of secrecy, careful to keep a line between their jobs and who they are outside of their sign language translation tasks. 

  • Availability

Because you never know when you might need sign language translation, ATS’s sign language interpreters are available to support you in long-term plans as well as short-notice tasks that you need now and then.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Alsun Translation Services is one of the only sign language translation providers to combine high quality with affordable prices. The services of our Arabic sign language translators come at a reasonable price with guaranteed translation precision.

  • Time-Saving

The time you spend searching for trustworthy sign language interpreters could be cut short by choosing ATS’s sign language translation services. We help you cut down costs and increase turnaround with quality.


Does Sign Language Translation Differ From One Region To Another?

Sign language translation is not just one language, it’s an interpretation of your conversation, depending on your nationality and culture, through the specific language sign translators. For example, the Arab hard-of-hearing community needs the expertise of Arabic sign language translators, who use different signs and connotations from say, Spanish sign language interpreters.

How Can Our Sign Language Translation Services Help?

Alsun offers the Saudi hard-of-hearing community an unparalleled reach with the expertise of native Arabic sign language translators available around the clock to help steer your conversations in the right direction.

What Can ATS’s Sign Language Interpreters Help You With?

Sign language translation can benefit you in more ways than you imagine. For one, ATS’s Arabic sign language translators not only join you at important meetings, but they can also help you tailor your video content to be consumed and enjoyed by the Saudi hard-of-hearing community.

Who Do ATS’s Arabic Sign Language Translators Allow Me To Reach?

People with hearing disabilities are the main target of our sign language translation. ATS’s priority is to give them the means to join any conversation or activity without being hindered by their disability.

How Does ATS Ensure Quality Sign Language Translation?

ATS hires highly skilled and experienced sign language interpreters after undergoing a thorough screening process, including assessments of their linguistic proficiency and cultural competence.

We maintain the quality of our sign language translation by reviewing translated content through a team of expert sign language interpreters who provide feedback and suggestions for improvement, identifying and correcting any inaccuracies in the translation.

With access to specialized software, video conferencing platforms, and high-quality video recording equipment, ATS’s Arabic sign language translators in Saudi Arabia enhance the clarity and accuracy of the interpreted content.

We encourage our sign language interpreters to participate in relevant training programs and workshops to stay updated with the latest developments in the field of sign language translation, ensuring they remain proficient and deliver the highest level of quality in their translations.

ATS ensures quality sign language translation through the recruitment of skilled interpreters, a well-developed quality assurance system, the use of advanced technology, and ongoing professional development.


In conclusion, ATS goes above and beyond to ensure quality in sign language translation services. Whether it is in educational settings, business environments, or public events, ATS’s sign language translation interpreters make a positive impact by bridging the communication gap and creating equal opportunities for all.

Establish a common talking point with the deaf and hard-of-hearing community with sign language translation from ATS. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help!

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