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How Can I Find an Authorized Translation Service Near Me?

“What is the authorized translation?” is the question that arises when you want to submit an official document to a foreign country. In this article, we will explain the meaning of authorized translation and where you can find the best provider of it. 

Authorized Translation

An authorized translation is an official document that has been officially verified after translation. It has the same legal validation as the original document in the source language.

It is verified by the stamp and signature of an authorized translation office or translator. Authorized translation is usually required for official purposes. In this type of translation, the translator ensures that the translated document is accurate, complete, and identical to the original one. 

The Significance of Authorized Translation

The significance of authorized translation appears when there is a need to translate official and legal documents to be submitted to official authorities in your country or a foreign country. The documents that need authorized translation include, but are not limited to:

  • Court documents
  • Immigration documents
  • Academic certificates
  • Bank statements and accounts
  • Birth, marriage, divorce, and death certificates
  • Legal contracts and agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Medical reports

In addition to that, its significance lies in the fact that it maintains accuracy and prevents linguistic mistakes that lead to misunderstandings.

Authorized translation protects an individual’s rights by providing clear translations verified by a professional and authorized translator who has full knowledge of the cultural and linguistic differences between the source and target languages. He also knows the requirements and procedures for this kind of translation. 

Authorized Translation Service Near Me

Requirements for Authorized Translation

The requirements for authorized translation vary from one country to another. Here are the most common requirements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: 

  • The authorized translation must be identical to the original document, keeping the stamps, seals, and signatures present in it.
  • Providing a signed statement by the translation office with the authorized translation certifies that the translation is accurate, true, and complete. This statement contains the contact information of the office and its stamp. 
  • The signature of the translator who did the authorized translation. The translator should be certified by the official authorities to make the translation legally valid. 

The Best Authorized Translation Service Near Me

Alsun Arabia Translation Services is the best provider of authorized translation service near me in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have had a good reputation since we opened our branch in Riyadh due to our 15-year experience in the translation industry and commitment to the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

Alsun Arabia is certified by all embassies, ministries, and governmental institutions in the KSA. This ensures that the authorized translation is accepted and recognized by the official authorities.

Alsun Arabia’s team of translators is qualified and experienced to handle this type of translation, which has certain requirements and procedures. Our team is also authorized to provide high-quality translations valid in the target language. 

Getting an authorized translation near me becomes an easy task with Alsun Arabia. We have two branches in Riyadh and Jeddah, in addition to our branches in Egypt and the UAE.

You may visit our branch and submit the document you want to translate by yourself, or send it via email or WhatsApp with the required target language. Once we receive your email or message, we determine the cost of the translation and the delivery time.

After paying the cost of translation, the translation process starts. Your document is assigned to an authorized translator.

The editing and reviewing process starts after the translation is finished. Our professional proofreaders work hard to correct any mistake that could affect the quality of the translation. Then you can obtain your authorized translated document and submit it to the interested authorities. 

Authorized Translation’s Price

It is possible that the price of authorized translation is an important question for you in this process. Let us clarify to you that the authorized translation’s price is not fixed for all types of documents. It is determined according to many factors, the most important of which is the type of document, the number of words, the required language pair, and the delivery time. 


Authorized translation is very important for submitting official documents to foreign authorities. I hope this article helps you find a translation office that provides authorized translation services and understand the concept of this type of translation and its requirements. 

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  1. What entities require an authorized translation?  

Alsun Arabia provides authorized translation in Riyadh to official authorities such as embassies, courts, chamber of commerce, ministries, and other authorities. 

  1. What are the languages provided?

We provide authorized translation services in more than 50 languages. We handle any official document in any language pair. To learn more about our services and languages, contact us. 

  1. What are the methods of payment? 

We offer various methods of payment: in cash, online transfers, bank transfers or via bank cards.

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