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Most trusted contract translation services in Riyadh

Legal contract translation leaves no room for mistakes. At ATS, we get how important it is. We handle contract translations with extreme care to ensure the outcome stays faithful to your original contract. This helps avoid expensive legal issues that might arise due to language differences.

Legal contract translation services

Contracts are essential documents representing a formal deal and should be clear and exact. Translating contracts carefully and precisely is necessary to keep the agreements intact and ensure everyone understands.

At Alsun Translation Company, we promise contract translation services that perfectly match your original documents and follow strict legal rules. This helps everyone stay on track and understand each other better.

Contract translation for all business needs

Translation office Riyadh, with over 15 years of experience in the industry, is widely recognized in the MENA region and beyond for our exceptional legal translation services. We specialize in handling contracts in over 50 languages, catering to large companies and individuals.

Our team comprises skilled professionals in translation and law, ensuring precise and reliable results every time. We understand the significance of accuracy and efficiency, especially when time is limited. Hence, we are committed to meeting deadlines and accommodating urgent projects without compromising quality.

Choosing ATS means swift and secure contract translations with utmost accuracy. Our proven track record speaks volumes, earning us the trust of numerous clients for their contract translation requirements.

Translation experts for every contract

Our professional translators have worked on various contract types. (Iqama translation riyadh) Here is a quick sampler of the several kinds of contract translations we offer:

  • Business contract translation.
  • Partnership contract translation.
  • Procurement contract translation.
  • Employment contract translation.
  • Marriage contract translation.
  • Licensing contract translation.
  • Service contract translation.
  • Lease contract translation.
  • Sales contract translation.
  • Non-disclosure contract translation.

ATS provides certified legal contract translation

At ATS, we know all about the complex rules for legal contract translation services. Plus, we guarantee that our translations follow strict international ISO standards. This makes translated contracts valid for use in embassies, courts, and government offices worldwide. Our skilled teams ensure the contract translation stays true to the original documents in meaning, style, and format.

contract translation

More than contract translation

ATS offers complete contract translation services, which also cover Desktop Publishing. Whether translating contracts or various legal documents, our expert teams ensure the content and format remain intact, regardless of the language. We can handle all types of writing systems, like RTL, LTR, bidirectional, and various character sets, including double-byte.

With our formatting checks, your translated legal contracts will accurately mirror your original documents. Trust ATS for flawless translations without any layout problems; everything you require is conveniently available in one place.

Why choose ATS for your contract translation?

We’ve got top-notch professional translators who are experts in translating contracts. They’re good at ensuring everything is accurate and legal and respects different cultures.

1- Legal & industry expertise

Contracts play a vital role in various fields and businesses. They are essential documents that outline agreements and responsibilities. At ATS, our team of translators specializes in translating different types of contracts. They understand the specific language, terms, and customs relevant to your industry. This expertise ensures accurate and effective translations that meet your needs. 

2- Native-language speakers

Our native-language translators ensure your requirements are fully met. They understand the language and culture of your target area well, which helps them provide accurate translations. Our contract translations are completely accurate and follow all local legal standards and norms.

3- Data security guarantee

Our language experts are trained to handle sensitive information using the latest standards. We ensure safety by using end-to-end encryption for all documents. Our translators and project managers are bound by translation service contracts and NDAs. This certified translation contract adds extra protection for your contract translation.


How does ATS ensure the highest quality of contract translation?

Translating contracts or legally binding agreements is not easy. It needs special language skills, a deep understanding of legal terms, and keen attention to detail. We aim to translate flawlessly, using precise legal language, so everyone understands the contract clearly.

We communicate closely with you, asking the essential questions. Then, we analyse, research, and translate the contracts efficiently and smartly, always on time.

What are the hazards of contract translation errors?

When a contract translation goes wrong, it can mess up things, which is a big deal legally. This can invalidate the contract, and courts won’t pay attention.

How much do contract translation services cost?

The price of translating contracts can depend on several factors, including the length and complexity of the document, the languages involved, the urgency of the need, and whether any extra services like certification or notarization are needed.

If you need a quote for your project, just get in touch with our team. We’ll give you a free quote tailored to your needs.

Final thoughts

When you choose Alsun Translation Company for your legal contract translations, you guarantee careful attention to detail and follow global standards. Our skilled team of legal language experts knows how necessary accuracy is in translating contracts to prevent expensive legal problems.

With more than 15 years of experience, we consistently focus on various contract types and languages, delivering accurate and trustworthy translations.

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