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All You Need to Know About Certificate Translation

Thinking of traveling abroad to study or work? So, you need to translate the needed certificates to get approval to travel abroad. Here appears the important question, “Where can I find a translation office that provides certificate translation near me?”. Let us help you learn more about certificate translation to achieve your dream of traveling abroad more quickly. 

The Concept of Certificate Translation

Certificate translation is an official translation of conveying the content of important certificates that an individual obtains from their original language into another one. These certificates certify a graduation, experience, or any other official information about academic or occupational status. 

Certificate translation is required for many purposes, such as education, work, etc. These certificates have to be translated into the target language correctly and accurately to be legally valid for the interested  authorities.  In this situation, you need a certified translation office that provides professional certificate translation. 

Alsun Arabia: the best provider of certificate translation near me

At Alsun Arabia for Translation Services, we recognize the importance of certificate translation for individuals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Alsun Arabia is one of the leading translation companies in Riyadh.

We have more than 15 years of experience in translation and localization. Our priority is maintaining accuracy and competence in translation, especially in certificate translation. We provide high-quality certified translations of all types of official documents for all embassies, ministries, governmental institutions, and foreign authorities.

 Our team of translators has high linguistic skills that make them able to handle any type of certificate. We are also keen to adhere to delivery time and maintain the confidentiality of personal information contained in the certificates. 

certificate translation near me

Types of Certificates That Are Translated

There are many types of certificates that are translated every day for different purposes at Alsun Arabia Translation Services. Here we will list the most common type of certificate that might be useful to  note:

  • Academic certificates: graduation certificates, diplomas, master’s degrees, doctorate degrees, etc.
  • Job-related certificates: experience certificates, training course certificates, etc. 
  • Official documents: birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, and death certificates
  • Commercial certificates
  • Medical certificates

Steps of Certificate Translation in Alsun Arabia

We have a professional team of translators and proofreaders who work in a streamlined workflow to provide accurate certificate translation. You have to follow these steps to obtain a professional and error-free translation: 

  1. Submit the original copy of your certificate to the nearest branch to you, whether in Riyadh or Jeddah. You may send it via email or WhatsApp, in addition to mentioning the target language. 
  2. After reviewing your certificate, the cost, the delivery time, and the method of payment will be determined. 
  3. After paying the cost of translation, the translation process starts. Your certificate will be assigned to a professional translator who specialises in different types of certificates and deeply knows the specific terms of them to convey the content clearly and accurately.
  4. Once the translation is finished, the editing and reviewing process starts. We have the most skilled team of proofreaders to review the translation and ensure that it does not contain any mistakes that could affect the quality. 
  5. Now you can get your certificate translated and certified with the highest standards of quality and accuracy. 

Languages that are available in Alsun Arabia

We offer certificate translation services in various languages to assist our customers. We provide certified translation to more than 50 languages, such as English, Arabic, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French, Dutch, and more. 

The Cost of Certificate Translation

The cost of certificate translation at Alsun Arabia differs according to the type of certificate that will be translated, the required target language, the word count of the certificate, and the required delivery time. 

However, Alsun Arabia provides a wide range of document translation services at reasonable prices that suit all customers. Our priority is satisfying our customers and gaining their trust by providing high-quality and affordable certificate translations. 


Don’t type “certificate translation near me” on the Google search bar anymore, because the solution is at Alsun Arabia Translation Services. We offer professional and accurate certificate translation by the most professional team of translators and proofreaders. Our office is certified by all embassies and foreign authorities, which helps your translated certificate to be accepted. 

We are glad to offer these translation services at competitive prices that suit all customers.   Contact us via email or WhatsApp to get more information about our prices and the time you could get your translation.


  1. Is certified translation important?

Certified translation is important when you need to submit the translation to official authorities, such as embassies and ministries. Certified translation ensures that the translated document is identical to the original one, accurate, and complete. 

  1. What are the payment methods at Alsun Arabia?

To make it easier for the customer, we provide many methods of payment such as in cash, bank transfer, online transfer, or via credit or debit cards.

  1. Could I get my translation on the same day? 

 The delivery time is determined according to the type of translation and the word count. Contact us to know the specific time for getting your translation.

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